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Posted February 14, 2016

Owning an Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler Mix was one of the most profound experiences that I have ever had in owning a different breed of dog.
Growing up with the highest mountains and the longest rolling hills, my sisters and I would always have an adventure. All of our adventures changed for the better when we brought home our first puppy.

We decided to name him Bear.

You can really see the type of favorable temperament in this breed. We lived in this small town called Arivaca, where everything was "Open Range". Being from the city, we never really understood what this meant - until Bear decided to show us.

One day, we were going exploring and off he went! Nipping at the heels of these cattles, chasing them into the pond near by (and taking a dip himself), you can tell he took all the pride in running swiftly catching the cattle, and jumping over the cattle guards to bark and nip like he has done many times before. It was so exciting to see, but scared us because we didn’t know what to expect from the herd of cattle that he was pushing forward. He was no couch potato, that's for sure!

He was very playful and protective, and was always ready to go for a ride and an adventure with us. These types of breeds is the perfect mix for those of you who are active, and love the great adventures outdoors. They will never disappoint you when it comes the Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler Mix breed.

You must be willing to have the commitment to your new friend - or friends, and give them the attention and the time they are required. Just like any other dog, they are required a thorough amount of training, but love their wild roots, and their destructive behavior will tend to show.

Don't be too surprised when you see chew marks on the legs of your living room couch, or the legs of your dining room table.

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