Australian Shepherd / Australian Cattle Dog Mix

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Probably the Best Dog I've Ever Had (And Ever Will Have Again)


United States

Posted February 14, 2016

This is the first time I have ever owned a dog that was known for superior intelligence. So I quickly learned that she would give me some very new experiences as a pet owner. Potty training her was an absolute breeze. After about a month, her accidents became few and far between. And soon, she was able to adjust to a fairly simple bathroom schedule that did not involve waking me up in the middle of the night.

Beware! If she bonds with you, she will become mighty clingy. She absolutely adores my boyfriend, and follows his every action with alert ears. Since I am the primary driver, she has learned to sit on me when she suspects we might leave her behind. She knows that putting on a jacket means we will be leaving. Keys are a sure giveaway. We also learned not to put on shoes in front of her if we weren't planning on taking her with us. (We usually end up taking her with us in the end. She has that "puppy face" that we simply can't resist.)

She is almost always well behaved. I'm able to reprimand her with just my voice or a snap of my fingers. She does best with a consistent schedule. I work at home now, but used to have a job with very random shifts. And it drove her absolutely crazy. She cried every time I left without her. But once I began to get a steadier schedule, she did much better when I left the house. She seems to understand that I will be back soon if I keep to a set routine.

I recommend this breed to anyone who has endless affection to give, or someone who has time to train them to be as smart as they can be.

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