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Oklahoma, United States

Posted May 29, 2015

Lucky is a mini Aussie/Blue Heeler mix. He was rescued by my daughter from the parking lot at a horse sale as a puppy. He was found huddled behind the tire of a truck, scared and a little overwhelmed. After searching for the owner for hours, my daughter talked us into letting her keep him.

He is a very active, high energy dog that is easily excited. He is obsessive when he plays ball and can be very aggressive in that type of play. He is a self-taught tetherball player which is helpful as he can entertain himself when we are away for longer amounts of time, or he is happy to play a game with anyone that is available.

He HATES baths so he has become an outside dog. He gets too dirty too fast and my arms don’t appreciate being torn to shreds by his attempts to get away (from nails not teeth). When I am able to bath him, the process is pretty quick since he hates it and he happens to be small. Honestly it just isn’t worth the hassle to me.

He loves to cuddle and makes a point when he is allowed inside to check on everyone in the house at bedtime. He tries to spread himself out between all bedrooms throughout the night. Because he is usually on edge, he does make for a good watch dog. Even though he is little, his bark is impressive. Getting him to stop is always difficult and sometimes downright annoying.

Overall, he is a great dog for my daughter. He is always willing to play and excited to see her. What more could a girl want?

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