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A Dog That Can Keep Up With an Active Lifestyle - and Enjoy it Too!


United States

Posted January 16, 2015

My husband and I enjoy doing many things outside, and we wanted another member of our family to share in our activities. We researched for a while to find a dog whose personality would match ours. We knew the dog would also have to have the energy and spirit that we were looking for. In Brutus, our Australian Shepard/Blue Heeler mix, we found all that we were looking for. But when considering this type of dog, remember the reasons we got ours: high energy and high passion.

Brutus has no rival in what she is willing to do with us. Boating, hiking, jogging, traveling, and swimming are just some of the things we are able to get Brutus to do enjoy with us. Brutus truly is the dog that is open to anything, anytime.

We always get compliments on Brutus. Minus his abnormally large ears, Brutus is simply beautiful: his long coat is always shiny, he trots when he walks, and he "smiles" constantly, unless he is bored.

This being said, as long as we are active or away from the home, there are no problems. When the activity stops, however, the insecurities come through in Brutus. Brutus has a hard time telling when he is doing something wrong. He gets scared when we look at him, sometimes to the point that he will pee while scurrying to escape us. We have tried every confidence booster we could find online, all to no avail. We demand respect from all our dogs, but none of them react the way he does.

Brutus is not the dominate type, which further drives his insecurities and shyness. This might come from him being the runt of the litter.

Although cleaning Brutus’ habit of peeing is annoying, it is worth it to have the constant loyalty he demonstrates. At the changing of the seasons, however, our patience is tested. Brutus loses all of his summer/winter coats within one week of starting to blow out. Using a squeegee to get up all the fur is the only way to clean the carpet and couch during this time. Otherwise, Brutus’ fur ruins the vacuum. This is definitely a draw back with his breed type.

We would love to give Brutus soft squeaky toys, but they never last more than an hour. Anything that squeaks or crinkles is torn to pieces. Rope toys are the way to go with a dog this passionate!

Overall, the Australian Shepard mix is a great dog. A few quirks here and there, but you will not find a more loyal friend and companion. High energy means high fun.

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