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Growing up with Sheena


Georgia, United States

Posted May 9, 2014

Talk about a girl's best friend! Sheena was my most significant childhood pet and the best dog I've ever known. I grew up on a cattle farm, so we usually had at least one dog of this breed around all the time. These were more than pets- they were hardworking partners on our farm- ones that we couldn't do our job without. These dogs are incredibly intelligent, loyal, and hardworking.

Sheena was a little different though. She was given to me as a pet, and I more than spoiled her out of being a farm worker. As a little girl's pet, Sheena's instinct to heel cattle translated into chasing the tires on my bicycle- something that got her in big trouble. Even though her natural talents for herding cattle were probably wasted as a pet, she made an incredible companion and guardian. My parents allowed me to roam free on our vast property as long as Sheena was with me. But then again, how could I leave her behind? She wouldn't let me out of her sight! There was even one occasion that Sheena warned me and used her cattle dog skills to herd me right out of a rattlesnake's path!

Sheena met her end as many of our cattle dogs did- she could not resist her natural urge (meant for herding cattle) to chase the cars that drove past our property. She would chase them, even biting at the tires of the moving vehicles.

Definite advantages of this breed:
-Watch dogs
-Good with children
-Good with other pets

-Need LOTS of space to run
-Should not be near a street
-Have very distinct natural tendencies which if not used in herding, can manifest in unusual behavior

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