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Australian Kelpie Review



Posted October 1, 2015

We got our girl Mala at around 5 weeks old. She was fully vaccinated and she was the one that chose us really. She was intelligent, gentle and very inquisitive right from the start. We took her through puppy training and basic obedience training and by 12 months she was able to be trained quite well just by us. She was a bit of a handful early on chewing clothes and the usual puppy antics but she was quick to learn what was ok and what wasn't. She always wanted to please. Kelpie's are a very smart breed of dog bred for working with sheep here in oz. This is her best trait, she works things out really quickly and is more human than human sometimes. She is not aggressive or threatening and loves to run, swim and play. She is vocal in protection of her premises and will stand between my kids and strangers if she doesn't know them; protective stance. She has never attacked anyone but has growled a few times in protection of my kids. As she has aged she has grown very placid but still has energy to burn when it is run time and still digs holes if she gets bored.

I'd recommend a Kelpie to anyone with space or close proximity to space for them to run. They need to run daily for around 30 mins to an hour. Otherwise you'll get holes and so on in your yard from boredom. They are super clever so games and toys are a must. Great for kids, really gentle and intuitive with little ones and highly protective, at least the females are anyway. She is our fur baby and her health is great. They are very hardy and robust dogs. She has had some mishaps but no major health issues. She eats well but won't break the bank and she tolerates and play with our cat well.

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