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Hendrix The Kelpie


83601, Indonesia

Posted June 29, 2014

As much as I loved Hendrix he was not the dog for a university student. He had ended up in a much better environment than before he came to us but unfortunately there just wasn't a farm that could take him in.

At the time we did our best to look after the little fella and as far as I'm aware he is doing fine now (had a breakup, he went to the other half). Though looking back on it now we were definitely not prepared.

Do not get a working dog if you do not live on a farm or are not fully aware of the breed. He was a happy dog as we had a big yard for him to run around in, but I could tell he needed a few sheep to round up. The instinct is with them from birth.

They are easy to feed, BUT do like alot of meat. There coat is easily maintained and he never had any health problems whilst he was young.

If you do rescue a Kelpie and cannot find a farm or experienced person for the dog than make sure you have high lockable fences. Once that dog is on the chase and you haven't trained him to your command well that dog may be good as gone. He might come back if he is hungry.... or gets bitten by a snake as we learnt out the hard way.

I did notice they do have a soft side and at the end of a long day like nothing else that resting at the foot of their master.

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