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The Aussie Kelpie a boys best friend



Posted April 16, 2014

It was the classic 8 year old emotional black mail. Or was it? Our 17yo Siamese cat had just passed away and Mum walked my sister and I past a pet shop. The runt of the litter the last puppy in the shop followed us far as the confines of its cage would allow. My sister and I both begged mum to buy the dog and with very little resistance she asked me to find out how much it was. "It's only five dollars mum" was the answer I joyously gave.

PS I don't have any digital photos of Tootsie the dog in the photo is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

For the next 16 years "Tootsie" became a key member of our family. She was highly energetic but an incredibly gentle animal who seemed to understand and adapt to peoples moods. Her favourite pastimes were walking and chasing tennis balls. Her love of tennis balls actually became a business for me. The courts my mum played at were surrounded by bush and long grass. Tootsie would find lost tennis balls and play chasings with me. This would usually lead to 20 or more balls found and sold back to the tennis coach every Saturday afternoon. After school I used to drive our neighbours crazy by repetitively bouncing balls off the side fence and competing with my dog to catch the ball.

There was no fence tall enough to hold Tootsie when she was young and she went through some digging phases as well but she was the perfect companion animal for a young boy. She survived paralysis ticks and being hit by a car but she eventually got cancer and had to be put down.

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