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Posted March 12, 2015

Timba is a special sort of dog. He's not the brightest spark, but what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up in sheer loyalty.

We picked him up from the Animal Welfare League shortly before the our last dog passed away. The poor thing had been mistreated by his former owners, but no one could tell us the extent of it. Initially, we thought he was called Timba for his fantastic coat, but a few days after getting him home, we noticed some bite marks around the poles of our pergola. The poor thing had been so deprived of food at his last home, that he thought he had to do the same thing with us.

Initially, he wolfed down his food, yet we were still struggling to get his weight back to something resembling healthy. Slowly, we got there, and as he gained more weight, he started slowing down at meal times. Then the cat came along.

After a period of adjustment, in which Timba learnt to eat his food before the cat could get to it, they now share water bowls - try getting the cat to drink out of his own - and exchange pleasantries as the cat is let out of the house.

Like any friends though, they have their moments. Despite his comparatively large size, Timba always comes off second best in their tiffs. Mostly because he's nice, and my cat can be a bit of a jerk. But also because the cat has claws, and he doesn't.

He's fond of chasing aeroplanes, because the birds pick on him and the planes don't. He also loves walks, and is well-trained. There's a lot of small dogs in the area, and Timba reacts great to them. Well, it's more casual disdain, a trait I think he's picked up from the cat.

As a younger dog, he was also fond of shepherding us, once he was comfortable around us. Thankfully, he's lost interest in that activity as the years have worn on, but on the colder mornings, he has been known to get a bit excited and try to shepherd the cat.

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