Australian Kelpie Mix

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This is a highly trainable, lovable dog, It can also be an escape artist!


United States

Posted September 22, 2014

We rescued our Australian Kelpie, Bo, over a year ago. The rescue had incorrectly put his breed as a shepherd breed. But as soon as I looked at him, I knew he was an Australian Kelpie. Bo was very skittish when we first got him. He was hand shy, but warmed up quickly.

One thing we found out in the first few days is that he was a huge escape artist. We have a 6 foot tall wooden privacy fence and he was somehow managing to jump the fence. Kelpie's are known for being high jumpers, but even I was surprised at him being able to scale a 6 foot fence! We did have to get creative in keeping him in the yard.

He has been one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned. He learns commands almost faster than I can teach them to him. He has a huge drive to learn. And is very motivated to learn with just verbal praise.

He is also a very jealous dog. He doesn't bite the other dogs, but he will push them out of the way and bark at them so that he gets all of the petting. We've had to work at breaking him of this.

He's a very good watch dog and will start barking before our door bell ever rings.

I would be careful with this breed around small children, mainly because they can be a little high strung. And they do have a herding mentality.

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