Australian Kelpie / Golden Retriever Mix

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Posted February 4, 2018

Bought Manny as a Golden Retriever X Kelpie. Had him from 9 weeks old. His Mum being a purebred Golden Retriever and his Dad a tan Kelpie. Somehow he turned out all black!

He has just turned 2. He is undoubtedly high energy. He has the super intense focus and drive of a Kelpie. Doesnt quite have the agility or speed of a purebred Kelpie but he lacks there he makes up for full on resolve and will run and try keep up with any dog. Super smart. Learns very fast. He does need a job to do, he will keep running and chasing until the point of exhaustion. Will fetch a ball literally all day. He is however happy to lie around and sleep all day too just happy to be around whatever you are doing around the house but does need very regular walks and runs otherwise he'll let you know!

Doesn't really take after his Retriever side, isn't really affectionate happy being around but not always on top of you kind of thing but on the plus side he basically gets no separation anxiety if you have to leave them alone which I reckon would be great for alot of people who have to work during the day.

He is very inquisitive which can get him in trouble and he has a really funny personality. Loves all people and never shown any aggression to people or dogs but has been highly socialised. Hates cats. Just wants to be involved with everything. Basically can take him everywhere and isn't anxious in most situations. Didn't take to swimming straight away but have trained him and he loves swimming now. Luckily not an escape artist like some Kelpies are.

Definitely recommend this dog to active people. An intense dog that might not be for everyone though. A decent yard would be good. He uses every cm of our decent sized yard. We love him to bits and recommend this mix as a great option if you are after a smart active type, go anywhere, do anything type dog!

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