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The Blue Heeler


Goreville, Illinois, United States

Posted December 20, 2018

Austrailian Cattle Dogs also are known as Blue Heelers, if their color happens to be the blue merle. Much like other herding breeds Blue heelers must have a lot of training and socialization when they are young. Not only is socialization important, but the owner must have an adequate amount of training to ensure the pet will listen to them.
Blue Heelers can be a very intelligent dog and can mean that training can be very easy or very difficult. If it is in your plans to own an Austrailian Cattle Dog do yourself a favor and your new puppy and get enrolled in a puppy class. Puppy classes are great because not only is it a class for your puppy, but a class to teach YOU how to train your puppy. It's a win-win and an essential key to owning a well behaved Blue Heeler.

As for a dog that is emotionally stable. It is very hard to gauge that. They are a dog that shows very little pain, but a dog that can snap in an instant for seemingly no reason. Most of their emotions revolve around their family, their pack. They are very protective over their pack and will bark when an intruder comes up to their domain.

They are a low maintenance dog when it comes to grooming and health with short hair and erect ears that keep them from having ear infections.

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