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Posted September 17, 2018

My Blue Heeler (ACD) is by far the weirdest puppy I have ever had. He came from a farm and was the runt of the litter, and as such he either developed a bit of an independent attitude or he just felt the need to stick up for himself.

Unlike most puppies, at 10 weeks he was not needy at all. In fact, he liked getting more into trouble (usual chewing of furniture etc.) than having cuddles. He didn't adapt to crate training that well but we assume that will be a process that will take him a while. As such, he slept at the end of the bed. As far away as possible from my fiancé and I. We felt so rejected and lonely! But for five minutes of the day he would want to cuddle and give "love bites" (more like shark bites!) and that made it all worth it.

Australian Cattle dogs are not good for first time owners, people with small children, or apartment dwellers. They are extremely intelligent and pick up commands quickly and easily. They also need constant supervision during those puppy days, and my guy was fairly uneasy around strangers. Clicker training was a must for us. He did spend his first few months on a farm and was not especially good towards small children-I think if a child is around 8-10 they might be alright, but ACDs will try to herd small running children by nipping at the heels, and that takes a while to train out of.

They're extremely loyal, very playful, and will wreak havoc on your life in the best possible way. I think the difficulty of the breed is about an 8/10-they're definitely not lap dogs and need to have a job.

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