Australian Cattle Dog

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Cray-Cray for Cattle Dogs


United Kingdom

Posted December 15, 2016

Australian Cattle Dogs are not for the faint-hearted, but if you take the leap, you may never look at another breed again. Descended from a long line of working breeds, with Australian Dingo blood running through their veins, they are tough, hardy and extremely intelligent. They also make wonderful, loyal companions. If you don’t have a farm for your ACD, with a herd of cattle for him or her to work with, then you will need to find alternative distractions to keep your dog busy- and I mean, REALLY busy.
My beloved Simbira is 18 months old, and she protects me, and our home, with passion. With this passion comes some serious obsessive compulsive behaviour, and a sharp, high-pitched bark aimed at everything from the mail-man to the cat next door. She nips the ankles of those she doesn’t like- waiters, naughty children, the occasional sheep sculpture- and she never, ever gets tired. However, she can be forgiven all of that, for her devotion to those whom she deems worth her attention (and that's most people who come to visit), her fierce protection of her family and her ability to catch a Frisbee about 6 feet in the air. Simbira is small for her breed, loves to snooze in the mornings, and is happiest on the beach. They vary in size, and temperament, so it's absolutely worth checking out the parents if you are looking at puppies. Above all- if you want a Cattle Dog, be prepared to exercise. One casual stroll a day won't cut it. You need to be a runner, or an excellent ball-thrower: ideally both. If you want a dog who can keep you on your toes (literally), then go for it. I will probably be a Cattle Dog owner for life, now that one has stolen my heart.

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