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Blue Heelers, must be socialized immediately


United States

Posted November 11, 2015

Our family has had Blue Heeler mixes and purebreds on our farm since I was a child. They are happy, energetic, and extremely smart dogs that MUST be trained and socialized from a young age. Otherwise, they become overly protective of their master and in some cases, may become aggressive.

Blue Heelers are easily trained for obedience, herding, and agility. They are superior dogs when it comes to intelligence and smarts. Then tend to listen very well to their owners.

Heelers are not your typical cuddly dog. Most of them do not like to lay on your lap or cuddle in your arms. They are pretty independent animals. Heelers will alert you when someone pulls in your driveway and are generally very vocal dogs. As stated before, if a Heeler is not socialized as a puppy, they may become overprotective of guests and unknown visitors. They may not be safe around children if not exposed to children as a puppy.

Heelers are very attached to their owners and will follow them everywhere often times without the need for a leash. Heelers also have a great deal of energy. They need space to run and let loose. They should not be kept in an apartment where they are restricted to a leash.

Overall, Heelers are obedient dogs, albeit a little intense. They require a great deal of training, socialization, and space.

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