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Max - Full of energy!


00267, Botswana

Posted October 9, 2015

Max is extremely active! His exercise needs are notably demanding and I find myself having to take regularly him on hikes, as he seems to never tire out. If he doesn't recieve enough attention he is quick to become anxious and his barking can become obsessive at the night. I couldn't ask for a better watchdog, as Max seems to notice any change in his surroundings and react appropriately. Max is a loving dog that has become emotionally attached to me (he loves the family, but follows me more than anyone) and dislikes being away from me. Earlier this year, Max became aggressive towards a friend who unexpectedly rugby tackled myself as a prank. Fortunately, he was not attacked as Max was quick to listen to me, but I have to keep an eye on him around both guests and young children. Training and grooming have been an easy task, although shedding is sometimes an issue and his fur ends up everywhere.

From my experience, this breed isn't suitable for anyone without a substantially large yard. Max requires constant attention and I'd advise owners to look into another breed if they either travel often, or know they won't always have the time to play with them. Other than that, I'd highly recommend anyone willing to invest the time in them to get one if they are looking for an intelligent, playful and loyal dog!

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