Australian Cattle Dog

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Australian Cattle Dog


United States

Posted September 14, 2014

On the cattle ranch we had several of this breed for herding cattle across the prairie. Yes, they still do that. LOL We would not let them near the herd until they were juveniles for obvious reasons. Meaning a puppy is no match for a full grown steer. So during that time we'd work with them on basic commands. When we did introduce them to the herd, the older dogs would train the younger ones. It was really neat to watch. They are very agile and predatory by nature. Herding is just a “controlled” predatory behavior.

They are short haired, so very little care is needed in that area. They were good with the kids, and other small animals if they knew them. If a stray, or coyote came onto the property though, look out.

They are not the prettiest of dogs by a long shot though. These are working dogs, and not show dogs. I'd recommend this breed if you are in the cattle business, or if you just want a basic dog since they are so easy to care for.

They can vary from color as well. Some people even call them “blue dogs”, and are prone to having eyes of different colors. One eye may look white, like it's blind, but it's just a lack of coloring. If you suspect your dog is blind in one eye, just cover the one you think is good with one hand, and slowly move your finger around and towards the one you think is blind. If he tracks your finger, he's good to go, if he pulls back when your finger get's close to his eye, he can see.

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