Australian Cattle Dog / Vizsla Mix

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Norfolk Terrier mix Breed


1416, Argentina

Posted July 10, 2015

It is a very unusual mix-breed of dog, the first time I saw the it I did not know what it was until I went to the veterinarian which she said that the puppy was an interlaced between Norfolk Terrier and he Dashmund race. Mitchie, my dog, ??is very active, she never tires and, above all, she love to play. Every time I came home, Mitchie always welcoming me by running at me with great enthusiasm and jumping all around. For being such an active animal the owner must spend a lot of time with him. This breed has an accelerated hair growth and is it constantly falling off, you will see a lot of hair on the floor. Therefore, you will have to take it to a haircut, clean and vaccinated at least once a month. Regarding the training, it’s not as easy as training other dogs, usually it takes several months. In my case, I could never train my do, it was so difficult!. Don’t get me wrong, maybe it was because I was new in the “dog world”. Another issue is that this breed is always eating, my dog Mitchie always stole the food of the other dog that I own. Despite all the hair falling issue, the unable to train problem, the hyperactive character and the “always hungry” matter, it’s a loving dog. It’s a dog that needs love, makes you laugh, will always play with you and will give you a time full of joy.

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