Australian Cattle Dog / Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix

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Washington, United States

Posted August 4, 2014

My Dog-Dog is a Corgi-Australian Cattle dog mix but I couldn't find Welsh Corgi on the list. Either way, he is an amazing little dog. He stands maybe two feet high, I can pick him up easily if I need too, but he's not so small I fell like the cats would eat him or he would get crushed under foot.

The Australian Cattle Dog mix is a great breed for kids and other animals. They naturally want to keep the family and the pets together and our dog is so good with cats its like he almost thinks he is one himself. He also really likes other dogs and has a great time at dog parks.

My Dog-Dog is the best dog for our family because we like to be active and he loves to get out in the river, or lakes, or climb hills and explore the woods right along with us. The further we get into the mountains the happier he is.

The only downfall I have had with this breed mix is a blessing at times and that is his bark factor. If he sees anyone come on, or by, our property he is sure to alert us. This is great for protection but it's not so good when he doesn't like the look of certain people and will continue to bark, even if that person is a friend. He is not aggressive, and NEVER bites--he's a real good boy in that aspect--but some people he just wants to let know that he sees them and isn't going to stop letting them know that.

This is a great breed if you have other pets, kids of any age, or live in a small space. Of course, you do have to take him or her out for walking and socializing if you do live in an apartment since it is a very outdoorsy breed.

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