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Laporte, Colorado, United States

Posted February 3, 2019

My mom bought Benny as a puppy when I was two years old, so he was my childhood dog. Benny was easily one of the best dog's we've ever owned, being particularly loyal to my mother and me. He had that characteristic from his blue heeler (cattle dog) genes; that breed is known for their loyalty to usually one or two people and not caring much for others.
In fact, because that breed is so loyal to one person or just their family, you have to be extra careful to socialize them as a puppy to a lot of people so that they don't become aggressive to newcomers.
Benny was never aggressive to anyone, although whenever someone hugged me or my mom, particularly a man, Benny would start growling and barking. He never once bit anyone but he was very protective of us in that way.
Benny listened extremely well and rarely disobeyed. We could have him out front with us and he would never stray far; always checking to make sure we were near.
He preferred our company over the other dogs and would get easily annoyed but another dog bothering him. We often had to correct him from growling and snapping at the other dogs, but it was usually just the young dogs being rowdy around him.
Although he had some temperamental issues we loved Benny so much. I believe his loyalty and protectiveness of my mom and I made us connect with him more so than any other dog.
If you are looking for a dog that doesn't need other dogs and is loyal to you I highly recommend this breed. He was so easy and a wonderful companion. We dearly miss him.

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