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United States

Posted April 15, 2015

Molly came into our household as a puppy from my brother's girlfriend, whose Heeler had puppies she was desperately trying to get rid of. My brother took her in. He didn't have time to train or give her much attention, so the dog rather ended up in my hands.

I want to start this off by saying that this is not a dog suited for an apartment or city living. These are intensely high energy dogs that cannot be satisfied with two or three walks a day. Molly is very friendly and sociable, but she's got far too much energy to be contained and would be much more suited to a household with a yard in which she can run and play in. She's very prone to boredom and when she gets bored, she's quick to start tearing at things until you catch her. (Be it your furniture, your clothing, your carpet, what have you.)

Molly has been difficult to train, due to the inconsistencies of the household. She's very intelligent, but intelligence often holds hands with stubbornness and she can be very rebellious. These dogs have a nose for telling when you're too meek to handle them, and they easily grasp when you're 'all bark and no bite' and learn nothing from an experience.

They need a very stern and consistent training regimen in order for it to sink in. She gets lonely very easily. Despite my best efforts, she has issues with my cats, and will chase them until separated. She is not the best suited for living with other small animals since she has a very strong hunting instinct.

She's a great guard dog, however, this comes with the added effect of being an excessive barker. She has her faults, but she's otherwise very friendly and affectionate.

I would not recommend a dog like this, however, if you do not have the space to let her roam. Boredom will always equal destructiveness.

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