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Ryback the Mutt


8000, Philippines

Posted September 24, 2013

Ryback is an Askal or an Aspin. My vet friend says he probably is a mix of a mixed retriever mixed a mixed terrier and maybe some Spitz thrown in. I can vouch for the retriever part as this dog is so smart that sometimes it defies logic.

One thing that sets Ryback apart from our other dogs is his resiliency in almost anything. He practically eats anything and can probably survive on his own. He fights for scraps of food with our other dogs like there's tomorrow.

He's not as child friendly as the other dogs but he shows protective instincts to children he is used too. If the child is an outsider then... that's another story. He has his shots like the rest of our dogs (immunizations, anti-rabies, anti-ticks) which was very fortunate. Because Ryback is also the only dog we had that ever bit a child. That child threw a stone at him and run away. Ryback chased him and bit his butt. This happened because Ryback can get to the other side of the fence by climbing the star apple tree and dropping on the other side. Oh how the other dogs envied him for this trick.

Ryback is the only dog we ever had that likes to sleep on a tree branch. Seriously. Nobody believes me until they see it with there own eyes. He climbs this star apple tree we have, lodges himself on his favorite spot (a forked branch) and dozes like a cat with one leg hanging. He's friendly enough but he lacks the charisma of pure breeds like our Labrador. A good analogy would be if dogs were cars, Ryback would be a Philippine Jeepney and our Labrador a German BMW Sports Coupe.

People say that Askals and Aspins are not worth keeping. I beg to disagree. They are wonderful pets and so much better than a gold fish or a canary.

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