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Our aspins: fiercely loyal, but a warm and affectionate bunch


8000, Philippines

Posted September 22, 2013

We’ve always been a family of dog people and our aspins are pretty much a big part of our family as much as our purebred and mixed-breed dogs. While they’re not very keen with strangers and new dogs, they’re pretty much warm and affectionate towards me and my family as well as our other household dogs. They have also kept our household safe for as long as I can remember.

The Good: Aspins are intelligent and resilient dogs. They make great companion and guard dogs as they are very alert and agile. They’re also very easy to train.
Aspins don’t require much grooming and they don’t have special dietary restrictions. Our aspins only have the regular shots like Anti-parvo and Anti-rabies as well as a few vitamins prescribed by vets. But other than that, they’re pretty adaptable and hardy. Our aspins rarely get sick and often live to a ripe old age. Even then, they are still pretty much alert and agile.

The bad: You’d have to keep them away from smaller animals and kittens. They often view them as prey.

The smelly: As we prefer to keep these dogs outdoors, they’re often exposed to tick and flea infestation (or worse, scabies). If you keep your aspins outside the house, it’s best to purchase anti-flea and tick dog shampoos and soaps to protect them from flea and tick infestation. You’ll also need to check for signs of fleas and ticks every after you give them a bath.

And by the way, aspins aren’t big fans of baths. So for a more pleasant experience, have someone assist you when giving them their baths. Best to do that at 10:00 AM when the sun is high up.

Perfect pets for: Aspins make perfect pets for anyone looking for a smart and low-maintenance dog. They don’t require much, except for some TLC and affection.

Not a good match for: They don’t make good apartment pets. Aspins prefer wide open spaces and they could wreak havoc in compact living spaces like condominiums and apartments. These dogs may not require exercise, but they do need wide open spaces to run and play around in.

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