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The Best Guard Dog Ever


6526, Philippines

Posted October 3, 2014

I am blessed to have a family that has natural love for animals. When I was born, I see that we have quiet many, from domestic to wild. Now, this made me appreciate different creatures more, whether at sea, air or land. This experience has mold me into becoming a certified animal-lover, which lead me to meet Pipoy.

Pipoy is an Askal, which means "street dog" in the Philippines. In our country, you'll see a lot of stray dogs especially in cities, which really saddened me.

I actually saw Pipoy in the street, in the downtown area of our province. He was small, very thin, pale, and weak at that time. I almost cried looking at the wandering puppy. He was also sick and hungry. I immediately carried and put him in the car and brought him home.

We do not have professional vets here and our local animal officer in charge was unavailable at that time so I and my family managed to do everything we can to make him healthy again.

I say that Pipoy is really meant for us because he survived and is now a strong and brave 3 year old guard dog. I and my brothers trained him to obey, respect and guard us.

He is actually very gentle when it comes to us but with strangers he is very hard and fierce. When we tell him to sit or stop doing something, he obeys. He also learned a good eating habit. Unlike other dogs, he knows how to wait for his food. He waits until we finish putting the food in his plate before he goes near and eat. At times, he eats with us :)

One time, I was wandering around our house looking for wood when he suddenly went ahead of me and was barking loud. And I realized, he barked loud so that I will go away from a tree because there was a snake on it. He definitely cares about me and I was emotional at that time. I could not believe that he would grow to be a very smart, loving and protective dog.

In many instances, he would use his fierce look to drove away other dogs in the street when we stroll around. hahahaha. I am just amazed because the other dogs are afraid of him that no one dares to come closer to us when he's around. But of course, he knows how to make friends too. In fact, he's courting our neighbor's female askal. hahaha.

Throughout the years that Pipoy has been with us, we have not experienced any criminal activity around. He makes sure that there's no stranger who goes to us without our signal. He has a very powerful bark that we are alerted when he does so. So we know if someone's up for something illegal or what.

His color is black, he's very smart and brave, and our protector. I say he is the best guard dog ever, and Askals are a great breed to start with. You can check out The Philippine Animal Welfare Society website to know more about Askals and adoption procedures.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are inspired by my true to life story.

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