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The pretty Anjing Kampung


55000, Indonesia

Posted February 27, 2016

(Disclaimer: I did not own him. He's a dog that usually visits and plays in my boyfriend's office. My boyfriend works on an NGO for animal in Bali)

This pretty anjing kampung, well, we never sure what breed he is. I guess he is part Kintamani, but we don't have evidence for that. Nonetheless, he is tall and big boned, stands up to my thigh on all-fours and God knows how tall he will be on 2 legs (never tried it before).

Gading is a smart and friendly dog. He does not bark much, especially when he gets everyone’s attention. He also likes to involve in activities. When everyone eats, he will go around the room looking for a piece of food. When everyone work, Gading would do a round and put his paw on someone’s lap, begging to be patted on the head.

Calm as he is, Gading also has jealousy strikes. He does not like to be ignored. If there were any other kitten or puppy in the room and everyone is busy paying attention to the little creatures, Gading would bark and run around the room, looking for attention. If there were a photo shoot where Gading was not allowed to involved, he will sneak in and suddenly sits happily in the middle.

Gading can be a troll sometimes. One day, he made himself comfortable and pretended to sleep. When someone tried to wake him up, he would stay still and opened only one of his eyes. That forced everyone to pick him up. And once he got down, he would wake up and happily wagging his tails. "Play with me!" he said.

He likes his humans so much he doesn't want them to go home. He's real cute that way.

I usually play with him on weekend, my only chance to meet him during the week. But now that my boyfriend resigned from his post, well, I will miss Gading so much.

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