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Balinese Local Dog


83601, Indonesia

Posted June 28, 2014

In the past I had always been afraid of the local Bali dogs and never got too close with them even if they were someones pet. Rabies is a big problem in Bali and they are known for carrying the disease. I knew that not all of them would carry it but I thought it best to keep my distance.

Anjing Kampung are known for their wild and independent nature's here in Bali. They are able to fend for themselves and survive easily.
When my Fiance told me we were getting an Anjing Kampung puppy I wasn't totally into the idea at first but with time and a little love I am hooked.

Our beautiful little girl is amazing, she is everything I would want in a dog. Of course each dog has its own personality but overall if you want a loyal and protective dog than Anjing Kampung is for you.

Feeding is a breeze, as they are happy with just about anything. Most nights we feed her chicken livers with rice and sometimes steamed vegetables. She loves it and is also known to snack on apples.

Her short coat is washed whenever it is needed, as most of this breed are use to being wild and messy.

Because they are street dogs their immune systems are strong and they don't have many medical issues. Just that if you do raise your dog in Bali please get them immunized against rabies and if you don't want puppies get them sterilized. There are many wild male dogs free in Bali that could lead to the inevitable.

One down fall some might consider of the breed is that they can over cautious and mean at first. It does take them a few meetings with new people to get close. So if you are a sociable person I would not recommend an Anjing Kampung. They are a one dog one owner kinda deal.

In saying that they will be loyal to their owner til the very end. Kawan is not just my pet she is my best friend and life in a foreign land feels safer with her near.

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