Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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Posted January 25, 2014

Anatolians fall into the Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) category, and they're very good at their jobs. Considered a giant breed, these guys are enormous and have the heart and strength to back it up. They have all of the LGD characteristics - strong willed and independent, big bark, roamers, leery of strangers but gentle with them when accepted, and they are guardians...always important to remember.

This breed, as delightful and loving as they are, need an experienced and dedicated owner who will guide them with firm but loving direction. It's not uncommon for them to be gender aggressive with other dogs, so it's important to place them with the opposite and allow them to meet gradually. They always, without exception, need a secure fence or a leash due to their roaming trait. True to the big dog rule of thumb, they may have orthopedic issues and you have to watch for bloat.

Researching and remembering the LGD traits is a must with this breed (and any LGDs), as well as acknowledging that you are the dog's "flock." You must also not forget that they are an extremely large and powerful dog even though they are cute, fuzzy puppies. On the same note, when they love their family and/or their flock, they are respectful and gentle, and their tender hearts are enchanting.

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