Argos Snow-Eater

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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New Baby!


United States

Posted December 7, 2013

We just got Argos, and he is just like a toddler! Not necessarily bad, he has puppy energy, and puppy mischief. He repeatedly does things when we have gone over it with him several times, and he does not grasp basic training, not yet at least. Brindle is a VERY rare color within this breed, and there are also not very many breeders throughout the U.S., so we were extra-fortunate. He was extremely shy at first, I know his breeder never interacted with him much and never did anything with him, he just roamed pastures. This is a guarding breed, so whatever they claim as their flock, they guard until they die, EXTREMELY loyal, more independent than many breeds, HUGE! When he first arrived, he set off the seatbelt warning in our car, which goes off at 65 pounds, so this 6-month-old boy is already the largest dog I have ever owned. He is goofy and sweet, loves his belly scratched, but he is totally unaware of his size so he is always bumping into things and trying to sit on us, not safe at all around the baby, simply because he will sit, step, or fall on her.
I look forward to him maturing, I know he is new and this is completely different from where he had grown up to this point.

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