Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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Posted July 16, 2013

The Anatolian Shepherd dog makes a great guard dog for your home, children or other animals. They are generally regarded as livestock guard dogs but when socialized with a family they will guard them as well. These dogs should be well socialized with other humans if you don't wish them to be over protective, but a good guard dog will not be made use to other humans than it's family. Used as a livestock guard dog they should be kept with their charges from puppyhood and not pampered or allowed indoors. As a goat guard dog it should sleep and eat with the goats and will learn very quickly who is allowed in it's pasture and who needs to be guarded against. This is a large dog breed and will eat quite a bit. They will follow the livestock around the pasture throughout the day, eating and sleeping in between patrolling the fence lines. They are known to kill predators such as wildcats rather than simply chase them off, thereby eliminating the threat. For this reason if they are home guardians they should be socialized with humans if you are concerned about them hurting visitors to your home. Once socialized well with what they are protecting they are caring and even loving to their charges and have been known to help livestock in birthing situations or if one is injured. This is a good choice if you are concerned with safety and have a large area for them to roam.

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