Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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Posted October 18, 2015

Anatolian shepherds are by far the most popular livestock guard dogs in our area. They do their job exceptionally well. If you are used to traditional guard dogs like German shepherds, they may seem like they're just laying around ignoring everyone all the time. But they are actually on guard all the time. Their strategy by nature is to find a place where they can see most of the area, lay there, and keep watch. Instead of staying right by the flock like some other guard dogs, they instead watch the area the flock grazes instead.

Since their main predator to chase off is coyotes, they tend to sleep a lot in the daytime, howl at sundown as a warning, and keep watch at night while listening carefully for anything wandering too close. They are good at distinguishing friend from foe. They greet people happily, make great pets, and get along with many other dogs, but they will enthusiastically chase and attack coyotes or other predators out of their area. We've never had them harm any livestock, even small chicks or newborn sheep. They will, however, eat anything that has died in their area to discourage predators coming to eat it, and we have had them steal eggs chickens have laid outside the coop.

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