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Colorado, United States

Posted July 6, 2014

This is a VERY POWERFUL dog! This dog is NOT for those without a LOT of prior training experience!

This dog has the strongest bite force of any dog, as well as the greatest strength (although different articles claim different things)

I absolutely adore this dog, but this is a dog I actually do fear if it is not trained! This dog has the potential to do a LOT of damage in the blink of an eye.

Also known as the "Kangal" this dog is able to take on bears and lions, and is a champion contender in ILLEGAL dog fighting rings (which I do not agree with but raise as a point so you may respect it's power)

Despite this dog being awfully powerful, and stubborn (which they are) If raised correctly and properly trained continually, they can make a great addition to the family of ADULTS!

I would best recommend this dog for anybody using them to protect cattle, as this is what their best trait is. They are a guardian dog.

But put into the wrong hands, this dog can be lethal.

They are very healthy, but they are hard to find in America.

This dog needs to have a LOT of space to roam free, so a farm would be an ideal/suitable home.

I personally don't recommend this dog as a pet, as this was NOT why they were breed.

If you want a protection dog, read my review on the Dogo Argentino - the worlds greatest personal protection dog.

If you want your cattle safe - look nowhere else other than the Kangal / Anatolian Shepherd

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