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Trouble with Blu


Los Angeles, California, United States

Posted September 30, 2015

We rescued Blu when he was about 1 and a half. He was our first "pitbull." But he was very friendly, and great with people. Unfortunately, he has a very high level of aggression towards other dogs. Even after training, we can't walk him safely in our neighborhood, as just seeing other dogs throws him into attack mode. Even within our own pack he has had problems. Normally he's fine, but when something doesn't click quite right, he attacks first. And with an 80 pound pit bull, that can be a challenge. He did a lot of damage to two of our senior dogs.

We would have re-homed him, as he really needs to be an only pet, but the shelters out here are full of pitbulls. So we made accommodations. Most of the day he stays in my office. If he's not watched, he has to wear a muzzle (its a comfortable one, but keeps him from truly using those powerful jaws of his).

We love Blu. He's my buddy. But taking on a powerful dog requires some special skills and a lot of time. The shelter didn't know enough about pitbulls to educate us, and we didn't know enough about what to look for. But he's happy, and we're happy. Behavior that a small dog can get away with doesn't fly with an enormous creature, so be warned. It can be a tough haul if your pitbull has issues.

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