Mr. Anderson

American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

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Mr. Anderson - my mixed breed mutt, but I love him!


United States

Posted August 17, 2013

This was a stray that we took in to try and find his home. No one claimed him and after a few weeks, he had won our hearts. This boy is the most chill and laid back dog ever. He didn't make one peep for several months, no barking or growling or any sound WHATSOEVER in all that time. I was beginning to think he was mute. Finally he growled and barked in his sleep. I was so excited, I called my husband and said "He spoke!" Now he only barks at squirrels and stuff outside. He never barks in the house unless he needs to go potty REAL BAD and we aren't paying attention. Then it's one short and loud "I NEED YOU NOW!!" bark.

He loves all the other dogs we have, in fact I think he might have an identity crisis. We have 3 small teacup chihuahua's and I think Mr. Anderson thinks of himself as being that tiny. He certainly tries to sneak up into my lap like he is some small and invisible dog that surely won't be noticed if he creeps up real slow into my lap!

He loves strangers and never minds when they come in the house, he never growls or barks at other people. He loves to ride in the car and go on adventures with us. He walks on his leash like a good boy. I can tell him to 'Go to your room' and he will go into his carrier and lay down. I don't even have to close the door, he will stay in there for hours.

Overall, he is an excellent dog, I would be devastated if anything ever happened to him.

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