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Posted November 3, 2015

I found Sophie behind a dumpster when she was about 6 months old. She was in terrible conditions. Honestly, if we hadn't brought her home, she probably wouldn't be alive today. I'm positive she was abused and neglected as a baby, which shows today in her personality. When we're home, she's perfect. She lays by me, plays fetch with me, she's the happiest girl ever. But when we go out for walks, she's always playing defense. She's very alert, which I love! But she doesn't play well with other dogs. She loves people, but I have to show her it's okay, by walking up to the person with her, and letting her sniff around with me next to her. She is extremely comfortable with women; men, not as much. She has grown so much since we found her, both physically and emotionally. I see progress in her social skills every day. All of our family and friends love her. Once you're on her "safe to play with" list, she'll never leave your side. She's faithful, playful, loyal, and all around beautiful. In my opinion, it takes a very prepared and special person to be able to take in a rescue who has clearly been abused. This has NOTHING to do with the breed - it's the upbringing that matters most. I know this because I also volunteered at a dog shelter, who helped cure the homeless pets crisis in Arizona by spaying and neutering dogs/cats in low-income homes. Every pet is different in their own way. Dogs of this breed are the best dogs you could ever hope to have, especially if you rescue - it's like they know you saved them, and they'll forever be grateful. I fully recommend rescuing (especially a Staffordshire Terrier), but only to someone who is willing to love the pet unconditionally, and work every day at helping them forget their horrible past, and accept that they have a good human parent now.

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