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United States

Posted May 2, 2015

I rescued Rocky when I was in a bad way and not to sound like a cliche, he rescued me as much as I did him. Initially, we had to overcome some dominance issues but I believe they came from the fact he was sent to the pound at one month old and I rescued him at 4 months... so dominance was the only way he would eat. My understand of this proved crucial. After some training around other dogs, long walks for socialization, and routine he became fun loving, loyal, protective, patient, and kind. He has never shown aggressiveness to another animal, unless that animal was a threat to myself or my son. Rocky has never shown anything but patience, loyalty, and protectiveness for myself and my son.
The biggest drawbacks I have had with him are he starts to get a bit nippy (never in a way to hurt) when he is hungry and is sometimes a picky eater.

The absolute worse part of this dog is the people. Rocky is amazing with my son, to the point I am having him trained as a medical service animal for my son. However, the haters of this breed can be overwhelming sometimes. Be prepared to stand up for your decision to bring this breed into your life. Be prepared to speak for the true character of this breed. If you do that and raise it to be kind and loving it will be and it will be one of the best friends you have ever had.

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