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This is Senna!


1001VL, Netherlands

Posted July 4, 2014

Hello everyone,

I'd like you to meet my dog Senna. She's about 16 months now and has been part of the family (me and my little daughter) ever since. Senna is a mixed breed American Stafford and Keeshond, although a lot of people see a German Shepherd in her as well (from her tail you can definitely tell that she's part Keeshond though). She absolutely loves being caressed and as soon as you start petting her she'll drop on the floor with her paws up for a good ol' belly rub.
I don't have many rules but I want her to lie down on her mat when i'm eating. She's very good at listening to that command. Been trying to teach her tricks as well but she seems do be doing ALL OF THEM at once just to get the biscuit quicker haha. Maybe she's not the brightest star but I couldn't imagine a life without her.

I work during the days so Senna is home alone for approx. 6 hours a day but we go out for a run in the morning and massive walks and bike rides in the evenings. In the beginning, when I first had her, she would be (uber)excited when I got home and - being the cute little puppy that she was - peed all over my apartment haha. The no see no touch ignoring approach when entering helped a lot and she's all over that phase now. Sometimes when she's alone she cuts papers into little bits and for a short period she even started munching on my wooden CD closet. When I got home, I could always see from her guilty look and 'hiding' that she'd done something. She's really good now because I got her a bunch of toys.

One issue with Senna is that her stool still isn't as solid as I hoped it would be. As a puppy she had diarrhea a lot and I tried switching her food several times. It's better at times but still... Any tips here?

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