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Aptly Named Quasar


California, United States

Posted July 8, 2013

Quasar. In a nutshell, an active galactic nucleus, a black hole, so energetic and powerful that nearby material is violently expelled forming a massive, swirling vortex of glowing radiation over a million light years across. Sure there is more science and process behind the phenomenon but I feel this is enough to describe the personality of my dog without boring anyone with the details.

That's my Quasy. Don't get me wrong, she's wonderful in many ways but, she's at least twelve handfuls. Her high energy means she likes to play and go for walks and runs. She is also very smart, picking up all basic obedience commands within the two weeks following her adoption. She has since learned a variety of other commands mostly for show and continues to learn new things. Was it easy? No, training a dog like this takes patience and dedication.

Is good with people? Sometimes. She usually loves when family and friends visit and even likes most strangers, the problem lies in the "enthusiastic" way she greets people. Jumping, licking, wiggling, scratching, and even trying to climb up into their arms. She's 35 lbs, which doesn't sound like much but, her nails have caused bleeding and her rock hard skull has left bruises. Even I have fallen victim to the mighty conk of her noggin'. I had a bruise on my jaw for a week. Worse yet, one of my male family members took a kick to the groin when she tried to show him how much she missed him. Yes, Quasy is a bit of a loose cannon, but she doesn't mean any harm; she's just incredibly excitable around her human friends. We're working on it...

She seems much more gentle with children, thankfully, though she has not had much contact with kids. The last time was when passed a lady pushing her daughter in a stroller. She was very polite, only sniffing while the girl stroked her head, but then jumped up on the mother.

She has been wary of certain strangers but only when they themselves seem unfriendly. She likes other dogs but because of her forwardness and excitability, many dogs are put off by her. As with people, she is friendly with friendly dogs but very unfriendly toward unfriendly dogs.

She has a strong prey drive. Cats, squirrels, rodents, frogs, lizards, and insects beware. She would make an excellent hunting dog. Now if only I were a hunter.

Chasing cats, trying to teach mean canines a lesson, and accidentally injuring visitors aside, Quasar has a number of good qualities. She was fully house broken within a couple months, never chewed my belongings as a puppy, she rarely barks, she waits for me to walk through doors first, sits and waits for me to set her food down, doesn't pull the leash during walks, obeys commands unless distracted, and is not possessive of her food and toys, at least when it comes to people.

Having said all that, she's a good dog but I would only recommend an American Staffordshire/Jack Russell Terrier mix to experience dog owners with a lot of patience and good leadership skills.

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