Annalise (Anna)

American Staffordshire Terrier / Boxer Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

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My first mutt - and also one of the best dogs I've ever owned


United States

Posted April 30, 2014

We rescued Anna from a shelter a few years ago after she'd been there for several months. Although I had no intentions of getting another dog yet, my wife wanted something to feel safer since I was traveling a lot at the time.

One trip to the shelter to see Anna doing her "donkey" inside the cage was all it took - she was home with us within a few days after that. If you've ever seen the scene in Shrek when Donkey jumps up repeatedly in front of Shrek trying to convince him to let him go with him, you'll get the visual...absolutely hilarious! And now, although well-trained and well-behaved (usually), she'll still do it on command when we're going for a walk or a ride!

When we found Anna, she was already a favorite at the shelter. Having been abused and used as a puppy factory for the first two years of her life, her nipples were protruding quite a bit so we suspect that's why this young mom hadn't been adopted yet. After seeing her there and getting to know her personality later, I can't think of any other reason why.

Though extremely nervous and shy around everyone all the time when we first brought her home (read: tail between legs and cowering in corners and under tables), we're happy to say that 3 years later, she's usually a happy-go-lucky spaz who loves her family!

I say usually because although she completely trusts ME now (she started out with a BIG problem with men), and will play and lounge all over me or anyone else anytime - it's only when my wife is around.

If my wife isn't around, it's like she reverts back and feels completely lost. It's not to the point of anxiety or anything because she's perfectly happy and well-behaved being alone for any length of time.

But if myself or anyone else is around, she's back to cowering again until 'mom' comes home. It's NOTHING like it used to be and she CAN be coaxed to come sit and relax a bit with me, but she's still a different dog when mom's not around - very strange, but understandable I guess. I can only begin to imagine what she went through...

Overall though, she's an amazing lapdog despite being 55 lbs and hard as a rock and I wouldn't want to trade her for anything.

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