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The Staffordshire Terrier/Beagle...Blessing or Curse?


United States

Posted June 23, 2014

When we were looking to find our perfect pup match we had not considered that we might literally walk right into the answer to our prayers. At 3 months pregnant myself, I was hesitant to take a dog into our home that we knew nothing about. As many people know, the American Pitbull is feared or judged by many, especially by parents and landlords. The Beagle markings were no true cover for this pup's resemblance to the Pitbull. When I first was asked by a curious hiker what type of breed our adorable puppy was, I innocently proclaimed, after some research and opinion-seeking, "Pit and Beagle, perhaps." This was the beginning of endless conversations to follow that all started the same way, as our dog certainly gains admiration from everyone we meet. It was only after I had had enough of answering that question and receiving the negative responses or reproaches that I discovered the blessing of the American Staffordshire Terrier. Whether our pup is truly a "Pitbull" mix or not, proclaiming his "American Staffordshire" status has resolved us of all the critics' "doom and gloom" about Bull breeds.

Our dog was easily crate trained. Each night he would have "night night crate" with peanut butter or coconut oil bone. He sleeps about 9 hours and awakes to a stretch and a potty. They like to be taken to the same stop in the yard and will clean up after themselves if the owner isn't fast enough, a disturbing habit learned from mom early on after birth. TIP: Show your dog praise for their "good potty" and immediately pick up their droppings. Early on there were a few incidences of urination and defecation in the house, but scheduled feeding (1-1 1/2 cups over 3-4 feedings throughout the day and extended later) helped greatly.

Our dog is fast, a bundle of courage, and determined to master his toys and his tricks so long as praise or treats are involved.

The roaming Beagle qualities are balanced with loyalty of the terrier. We love exercise, mostly walking and hiking, and, aside from the more challenging leash training, our dog comes as he is called and stays nearby.

He loves to jump and has gotten over puppy biting...we remembered to keep toys nearby to substitute for flesh!

Trimming nails was not easy. Having someone to hold and praise while feeding small treats like cheese helps the other trim carefully without cutting the quick. Our pup certainly learned quickly that if he was a good boy he would be treated to people food, an honor he so rarely was offered to accept.

He was eager to please...to sit, shake, stay, fetch, come and "leave it".

He barks at sirens and if a child is crying or he just wants to keep playing.

He has learned to ring a bell to go outside, as he doesn't alert us vocally for non routine potty breaks.

We could give many more tips for training these dogs, but as a proud owner I can conclude the review of this breed by complimenting their affection, only warning of their excitability and exercise requirements, and assuring parents and landlords that with appropriate monitoring and attentive care giving these dogs could just be less problematic than many people out there! Although our pup doesn't like water so much, he gets along with children and other people swimmingly!

I highly recommend this dog for young families or singles that have the devotion to raising these tenacious, athletic and devoted dogs.

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