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Everett, Washington, United States

Posted May 7, 2017

I've fostered and trained many Pit Bulls. My experience with them is that they tend to land on either end of the temperament meter. Either you get one who is extremely affectionate, goofy with almost a Labrador type personality. Or you get one who is aloof and over reactive. You also may get one who is always confident or one who is a submissive pancake.

Like most Terriers, they do tend to have higher prey drives. Anyone who is considering this breed, especially because of how inconsistent their temperament can be should look into having a professional temperament/behavioral test done before adopting or purchasing. This way you can be sure that the dog has landed on the side of the temperament meter you are looking for. Please remember, you can change behavior, but you can never change temperament. This breed does tend to carry a bad rapport with insurance companies and the legal system. Anyone considering this breed should fully understand that having a strict Management and Training routine is pertinent as the liability rate is high. If anything goes wrong at all, even if it isn't fair or the dogs fault, you and the dog will most likely be the ones held liable.

The very first dog I ever trained was a Pit Bull named Pearl. She was a submissive, lovable goofball full of energy who loved people however was extremely reactive to dogs.

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