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Glennville, Georgia, United States

Posted January 23, 2017

Stitch was an amazing pet. More than that he was a good friend to our family. He is also a very playful and energetic dog. He is a purebred Razor Edge Blue pit who loves car rides and will play tug of war on more than one instance. Stitch was given to us by a close family friend who bred Blue pits. He was a puppy when we got him. Stitch loved other animals and was friendly to his brother Baloo who was a lab/pit mix. He was mostly a quiet friend. He barked little and only at the oddest noises. He was friendly to all types of people be it children or adult. One of his favorite treats we would be him were the Greenies Dental treats. It not only cleaned his teeth but was a tasty and enjoyable snack for him. Stitch was fairly easy to train. It only took us about two weeks to potty train him. He also was able to follow simple commands such as sit, roll over, and lay down. He would come when you call for him and try his hardest to get all of your attention. Stitch preferred rural rather than urban areas. He loved the wide open spaces to run around. When we lived in the country he would run around outside for hours playing and would sun bathe regularly. The best thing about stitch is that he was always there for you when you needed him. By this I mean whether you wished to play with him or even just needed a friend to listen to you. Stitch also loved stuffed animals. We bought a few for him to play with. He would carry them around wherever he went. We always tried to feed stitch the right amount of fat and protein. We would buy him the Old Roy brand dog food as it seemed best suited for him. He was a healthy dog by all means. Overall we loved our Blue pit breed. I would recommend them highly from my personal experience and the experience my family has with stitch.The one thing I can suggest about them is they should be given a decent amount of attention. As for as our blue pit being around children he did really well. He loved our kids and in my opinion any blue pit can be raised to be a wonderful and amazing dog like stitch.

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