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Stafford, Virginia, United States

Posted January 11, 2017

Roxy was the second Pit Bull that was added to our family. We instantly connected with her sweet demeanor and that loving personality has only grown in the four years we've had her. While many are afraid of Pit Bulls, Roxy is the perfect example of a true American Pit Bull Terrier: friendly, eager to please, and extremely affectionate. A friend to every person or animal she meets, Roxy will greet all with a classic Pit Bull smile and will gently place her hand over top of their own. She is wonderful with small children as she never jumps up on them and simply sniffs them while providing short kisses. Roxy is extremely loyal and will comfort you when you're having a bad day or when you're sick and she is the perfect companion for snuggling.

When deciding if a Pit Bull is the right addition to your family, remember that Pit Bulls require frequent exercise, as they are highly energetic dogs. Also keep in mind that this breed can be extremely stubborn and requires extensive training to become a well-behaved canine. Roxy was an extremely fast learner and is highly intelligent, but required repetition until she mastered the technique. But because of hard work and perseverance, we are constantly told that Roxy is one of the best-behaved dogs anyone has ever met. All in all, Roxy is one of the most obedient, gentle, calm, and affectionate dogs and has been the best addition to our family that we could imagine.

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