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Pitbulls: Love Nuggets or Killer Beasts


Beachwood, New Jersey, United States

Posted December 22, 2016

Pitbull Terriers have received a bum rap of late; irresponsible owners and shock force media have portrayed them as killing machines who can only be appeased with a belly full of blood and bones.

Animal rescue organizations are up to their rafters with abandoned and mishandled pit bulls, and this unfortunate reputation means many will be culled. This need not be; pit bull terriers are the most protective, loving, playful, and intelligent breed of dog I have had the pleasure of interacting with. I have cared for two: a male and female, both rescues, both bred for fighting.

Unfortunately, some will be quite damaged; if we had to endure some of the cruel and uncaring experiences these poor dogs often experience we would be angry and fearful too. However, with a little love and attention many will forgive humans for their transgressions; most will give a fresh face a chance to prove themselves, it's just what dogs do. Love a rescue pit that will allow it, and you have a friend for life I assure you.

Rescue pitbull's do have a few special requirements. If you are the type of person who favors the underdog then you will want to consider the following: do not give your dog an intimidating name like spike or killer, don't set them up for failure by allowing them to roam free - scaring misinformed neighbors – and don't encourage their aggressive - small animal hunting - instincts. Instead be an ambassador for the breed; name your scary looking pit fluffy, inform anyone who seems intimidated how misunderstood the breed is, and never let them within ten feet of a squirrel!

The most important things to remember when adopting a rescue pit is they have had a tough start; give them an abundance of love and attention, set them up for success, and be an ambassador for the breed. Wouldn't you like to help dispel the myths circulating about pit bull terriers while making a friend for life in the process?

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