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Ace is a love muffin


Woodstock, Georgia, United States

Posted September 28, 2016

Ace moved in three months ago. He belongs to my godson, but he is pretty much everyone's dog. I wasn't sure about a pit bull - I had handled some at my job, but had never lived with one before. I have to say, Ace is a great dog. He loves to be petted and loved on. If you do something he doesn't like, he lets you know pretty quickly. He is not aggressive in general, but will thoroughly check out anyone who comes into the house that he is not familiar with. He is very playful and he loves to chase and be chased by our Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. The two of them actually "gnaw" on each other's legs. It's pretty funny to watch. I have never seen Ace even remotely try to hurt our other dog, or do anything that would make me question owning him.
I have to confess that Ace HATES going to the veterinarians and last time, had to be muzzled to have his nails trimmed.

I do not believe for a second that all pit bulls are vicious. I do know that if they are in a loving, safe home they are great pets. Ace doesn't shed a lot, so grooming is pretty easy. If you are considering getting a pit bull, choose carefully and take your time to get to know the dog, if possible. I give Ace two thumbs up!

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