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Bow-Peep, the PitBull


United States

Posted May 26, 2016

It's true what they say about pitbulls, that you better watch out for their family. I say this with a heavy heart because of how much my pibble has endured at the hands of humans, not family. Bow-Peep came to me when I was working in a pet store. Her sister had just gotten run over and the lady didn't know what to do with the dog. I have always had a soft spot for pitbulls and one look at that little girl, I was done for.

Bow's story got very interesting as time went on. We found out that she was from a home of dog fighters that was using her as a bait dog. The gentleman came in looking for her and was given a small sum of money to never come back ever again. A local rescue group also busted his home and rescued all the dogs therein.
But Bow wouldn't walk away without scars. Her belly had cuts all over it that are now scarred over. Her tail was broken in two places but it doesn't stop her from wagging it. She had severe malnutrition and had terrible skin rashes from bites. Now, she is a smooth and silky baby that is so incredibly easy to groom. She loves bath time and dries so fast with minimal shedding. I love it, so much easier than her sister Rin.
The pitbull was the original Nanny dog in the 1800s and Bow has proven that was an excellent choice. She won't let anyone near a baby unless you're me or my husband. She's very protective and kept her sister safe from an attack by a very upset dog at the dog park. But if it's raining outside, it's every pibble for themselves. She "can't even." She shakes and will run to the nearest pile of pillows she can get her paws on. Unless there's a rain coat, it's not happening. Thunder? Forget about it, not even if you go outside with her will she go potty. Time showed us that even though things were difficult, she wasn't just the right dog for us, we are also the right people for her.

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