American Pit Bull Terrier

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The American Pitbull Terrier


United States

Posted July 9, 2015

American Pitbull Terriers (or APBTs for short) are an American breed that's most commonly known for being the face of dog fighting, abuse, and aggression. While it is true that they were originally bred for fighting, it is simply false that these dogs are the monsters that they are often portrayed to be. They are the most loyal breed I've ever encountered. Aside from that, they're also very protective, affectionate, agile, intelligent, and when properly socialized, friendly to other dogs. Now, this isn't to say that they're particularly good for beginners, because they are more naturally inclined to be dog aggressive than most other breeds, just as cattle dogs are more inclined to herd other animals even if they haven't undergone any training. They were bred to fight, and therefore do have a propensity for it if they are not socialized properly from a young age. That being said, they will make absolutely AMAZING pets for the experienced dog owner.
- Loyal and affectionate. Share a very strong bond with their master and are fiercely protective of their family.
- Good guard dogs due to their aforementioned protective nature.
- Minimal grooming is necessary as their fur is short and fine. They do shed, though, like nearly every other breed, but I wouldn't consider it particularly excessive.
- Active and playful, great companions for jogging and hiking and activities of that nature. Some are even trained in sports like weight pulling and carting.
- They're gorgeous and well built dogs.
- They are a manageable size. They aren't tiny, but they aren't huge. They average out around 45-65 pounds.
- Very intelligent, easy to train.
- Very hardy.
- Easy to come by, they are a very common breed in shelters. Adopt, don't shop!!
- Bad reputation. The media portrays this breed as a vicious beast, which comes with judgmental looks from ignorant strangers.
- Very strong and active, can be difficult to handle if they aren't properly trained and if you don't have the necessary experience and strength to deal with them.
- Aren't recognized by the AKC.
- Are more prone to dog aggressive tendencies, especially if they aren't socialized adequately.
- While they may like children, their size and activity level can make them potentially hazardous with small children. This being said, ALL dogs (regardless of breed) should be supervised when with children.

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