Eleanor Rigby

American Pit Bull Terrier

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United States

Posted May 19, 2015

About three years ago, I was perusing Facebook when I came across the most incredibly sad and adorable dog I had every seen. I fell in love with her instantly. A friend of mine was reposting for her friend who had seen Eleanor for months in a backyard close to his sister's house. She was out there chained up, day or night, rain or shine. He went over and asked if they even wanted her and they said no. She went home with him that day. I begged my husband to let me bring her home. Even though he is allergic to dog saliva, he agreed. When we picked her up, she was skin and bones. And she was rough. She played rough, she interacted rough, she took treats rough. We chalk this up to the way she was raised during such a crucial time in her development. It has been a strenuous journey trying to get her to behave, socialize and interact well with people and the rest of our fur tribe. She is still very defensive. She scares easy. She flinches. She is afraid of fire. It's all I can do to think of the long, winter nights she spent alone in the dark. Her character is sweet, however, and she has protected me in some sketchy situations. She is a snuggle bug and loves when people come over. She is also an attention as well as bed hog! Before Eleanor Rigby, I was selfish. I spent most days that I wasnt working, doing whatever I pleased. When she came along and she needed my help, it was transformative for me. I am more intuitive, more caring, and I even have a trained ear to listen for when she needs to go out in the middle of the night of may be getting into trouble. She's given me some mom like qualities, that although I am not officially one, I can apply to my community. She has shaped me in ways I am forever grateful for. She will be my best dog friend until the end of her days.

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