American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Books

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United States

Posted June 4, 2016

We adopted Rowdy in May of 2015. We could tell she hadnt lived in a house before because she didnt understand doors or ceiling fans. She was fascinated with the tv. She quickly acclimated to our home and she absolutely loved our existing dog Leroy. They were best friends. She really bonded with my husband and would be content to sit on his lap all day every day. She learned crate training and obedience training very fast. She was not potty trained when we got her but she learned that within 2 days. We taught her to shake paws with her left and right paw and she learned the difference. She was always very quiet unless she thought she heard an intruder. She also barked when I used the salt shaker. She was very friendly and playful with our dog Leroy. They would play gently and run around the house. She never learned to walk on a leash properly. Another downside was her anal glands would smell really bad. We did start feeding her pumpkin with her meals and that took care of the problem. She didnt like baths. She was maintenance free with grooming. She didnt shed much. She was very healthy. She was overall a wonderful family dog. We loved her very much but due to some financial problems had to give our dogs up and move somewhere we couldnt have dogs.

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