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Carly the "Rocket" Dog


United States

Posted November 15, 2015

My Mom and I adopted Carly many years ago off of the Internet. She was a beautiful little pitbull, maybe between 6-8 months old when we got her. She was very energetic when we first saw her, but she was in the yard, so we assumed she would be more controllable in a house, or trainable. Carly was extremely energetic when we took her home, to the point of her knocking things over and destroying the house slowly. When we would leave she would chew up plastic and trash, presumably out of boredom (or perhaps stress), since she had chew toys we bought her. When excited, she would pee on the floor, which was frustrating. Carly peed and excreted on the floor a lot whenever we left or weren't home. This was very difficult to cope with. We tried cage training her, as well as training her to go to the bathroom on newspapers when we weren't home, but had minimal to no success.
Carly was extremely loving and playful, loved to run, and loved meeting new people. She was not great with other animals, and understandably her extraordinary energy was very intimidating for our cat at the time. Carly would nip playfully, so this type of dog is not recommended for young children or babies without first being adequately trained and conditioned on how to behave calmly or around little ones. It seems as though she was on overdrive constantly. Perhaps she would have been better fit in a home that had a big field, yard, or barn so she could run and get all of her energy out. She was definitely a very loyal and loving dog, but unfortunately the burden of her destruction and bad bathroom habits caused us to have to adopt her out since we didn't have the time or energy to attempt to train her properly, or give her the attention she needed. Carly did not react positively to hand gestures, and we had reason to believe she was abused and neglected to some extent. She was a very nervous dog at times. I'm confident this goes to show the negative short term and long term effects of an abused animal, as well as one in which was never properly trained or given the love and attention that, per it's personality, was truly needed.

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