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Baby the Pitbull


United States

Posted November 13, 2015

Baby was originally rescued after she was thrown out of a moving car outside my home several years ago. After approximately 2-6 months of rehabilitation and conditioning, she was 'functioning' again as 'normal' as possible considering her likely history prior to me adopting her. Baby is extremely loyal, and loves other animals, sleeps with the cats, and even the other dogs. Baby rarely ever gets angry or fights, but when she does, it's only because her arthritis is acting up and she gets moody or cranky--which is understandable.

Baby has never been aggressive, and although I'd never recommend putting your face in a dogs face, I have kissed her many times on her head while rubbing her, and she gives me kisses as well whenever I ask. She loves to sleep with or next to me or my Mom. She is still sometimes startled by loud explosions such as fireworks, but I think this would be considered normal behavior for any animal, especially a dog that likely has K9 PTSD.

Baby is vocal in the sense that she makes a silly, friendly growl or low bark if and when she wants to go out, and often will nudge and wag her tail a lot when it's time to go to the bathroom. Baby is extremely loyal and protective of our entire family, including the animals which is really nice and seemingly unique. She loves cats, and has slept with, cleans, and especially loves my older cat Prince. Baby decides who she wants to protect against who when our other dogs quarrel, or the cats get into a fight, which is always interesting to see, because it says or shows a lot about her personality.

Baby, like many pitbulls I've seen or fostered/adopted, is extremely family-friendly. I do not believe any animal should be trusted alone with a newborn or baby without proper exposure, conditioning, and training. While pitbulls might be stronger than a lot of other dogs, I don't think it's fair that so many people accuse them of being overaggressive. In fact, it's through my experiences with pitbulls, especially Baby, that a dog is nearly always reflective of it's owner in terms of behavior or personality.

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